Food for People

The Food Bank for Humboldt County

Our Staff

gro.elpoeprofdoof@bmocloha Anne Holcomb Executive Director

Anne Holcomb has served as Executive Director of Food for People since April of 2001 and has more than 30 years of experience in nonprofit administration. Her past assignments included projects in special education, assistive technology, computer recycling and development of a continuum of community-based care for individuals with disabilities. She moved from Maine to Humboldt County in December of 2000 to be closer to her adult children and growing grandchildren. She is passionately committed to creating a community in which everyone has an opportunity to grow and thrive with dignity. Anne can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 302.

Adam Hayes
gro.elpoeprofdoof@seyaHA Adam Hayes Development & Communications Specialist

As the Development & Communications Specialist, Adam’s job is to show our community the astounding work that Food for People does every day. Adam’s background in communication, psychology, and entrepreneurship makes for just the right mix to be successful in his diverse position. Adam is a Bay Area native. He moved to Humboldt County in 2013 to attend Humboldt State University where he got his B.A. in Communication. After years of volunteering with local food insecure youth, Adam felt a deep desire to make a positive difference in the community he was beginning to love. When he is not reading in a hammock with his cat Pancho, working on any number of his side projects, or traveling somewhere with his partner in crime, he is at work happily trying to make a difference. Adam can be reached at

gro.elpoeprofdoof@snibborc Carly Robbins Development Director

Carly oversees the diverse development projects that help keep Food for People operational. A former Performing Arts Theatre Manager with a BA in Critical and Visual Studies from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York, she brings a variety of marketing and event planning experience to our organization's fundraising efforts. She is a Board Member of the Rotary Club of Eureka and is a founding member and past president of the Lost Coast Rotaract Club. Carly can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 306

Carrie Smith
gro.elpoeprofdoof@noitirtuNdlihC Carrie Smith Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator

Carrie coordinates Food for People's Child Nutrition Programs: Backpacks for Kids and Children's Summer Lunch. A Humboldt County native, she graduated from HSU with a degree in Psychology and Health Education. Her varied work experience includes working as a Health Educator for the Public Health Department, with at-risk youth in the Foster Care system, and as a Care Coordinator/Wellness Coach for those living with complex chronic health conditions. Carrie is thrilled to be working at Food for People to help support, advocate and coordinate local food distribution to hungry kids in our community! In her down time she loves to walk her dogs, hang out with friends and think about, prepare and consume good healthy food! Carrie can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 309.

gro.elpoeprofdoof@notpitc Corey Tipton Bookkeeper/Business Resources Manager

Corey came to Food for People after many years working as a small business consultant and for other local nonprofits. As our Bookkeeper/Business Resources Manager, Corey wears many hats at the food bank (proudly sporting one for each day of the week). Corey brings a myriad of experience, from accounting and HR to IT to overseeing our vehicle fleet and building maintenance. A graduate of HSU with a degree in Journalism and Communications, with special emphasis in Environmental Ethics and Technology, Corey enjoys spending time with his young son, adventuring around the scenic beauty of Humboldt County’s beaches, rivers and mountains. Corey brings his passion for helping people -  whether client, volunteer or staff - to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, with dignity and respect. Corey can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 307.

gro.elpoeprofdoof@namxawd Deborah Waxman Director of Programs

Deborah provides support and technical assistance for Food for People's food distribution, outreach and advocacy programs, working to help households access and afford nutritious foods throughout Humboldt County and California. She formerly served as Food for People's Community Education & Outreach Coordinator, and has been with Food for People since 2007. Deborah graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey with a B.A. in Communications and received a Master's Degree from Humboldt State University's Environment & Community Program, with an emphasis on affordable housing. Deborah can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 314.

Erin Tharp
gro.elpoeprofdoof@prahte Erin Tharp Choice Pantry Coordinator

Erin brings a lot of experience to her role as our Choice Pantry Coordinator, having spent a long time volunteering in the pantry before getting hired on to manage our senior and homebound programs. Originally from Santa Cruz, she moved to Humboldt County in 2013 with her kids (who by the way, love going to the beach and hiking through the woods with their mom). Erin believes in the work we do at Food for People and feels it is really important to our community. She is grateful for the opportunity to be part of that work.  When she has time off, she loves to cook for her family or cozy up with a good book. Erin can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 317.

gro.elpoeprofdoof@hguhcmh Heidi McHugh Community Education & Outreach Coordinator

Heidi coordinates Food for People's Calfresh Outreach, Hunger 101, and advocacy programs. A graduate of HSU with a degree in Zoology, Heidi previously worked at the Northern California Community Blood Bank as a Lab Assistant and Product Manager. When she's not working, you can find her playing with her two young sons, her assortment of Chihuahuas and an elderly cat. She also loves working in her garden surrounded by her sunflowers. Heidi can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 308.

Juan Miranda
gro.elpoeprofdoof@adnarimj Juan Miranda CalFresh Outreach Specialist

Juan started working for Food for People after graduating from Humboldt State University with a BA in Sociology. His main focus of study has been on food disparities around the world and specifically for minority groups in the U.S. This is where his passion for promoting better access to nutritious food comes from. In his free time, Juan enjoys cooking (one of his favorite dishes to cook is Green Enchiladas), and he loves meeting new people and living new experiences. He enjoys spending time with his youngest sister and likes smiles, even if they are not intended for him, because he believes they are good for the heart.

Saliendo de la universidad, Juan Miranda empezó a trabajar para Food for People. Recibió su licenciatura de Sociología de la Universidad Humboldt State. Durante sus años en la universidad, dedico su tiempo en estudiar las desigualdades de comida que afectan minorías y diferentes grupos en la sociedad. Es ahí como decidió querer ayudar a la comunidad para que obtenga mejor acceso a comida nutritiva y saludable con Food for People. En sus días libres, le encanta cocinar. Una de las comidas favoritas que le encanta hacer son las enchiladas de chile verde. Le encanta vivir nuevas experiencias y conocer nuevas personas. Tiene una hermana menor que le dedica su tiempo, y lo que más le encanta hacer y recibir, son las sonrisas porque él cree que son buenas para el corazón. Juan can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 318.

gro.elpoeprofdoof@yelgnalj Judy Langley Fundraising Administrative Assistant

Judy assists our Development Director with processing donations and completing a variety of other projects that need attention. A retired postmaster, with a BA in English/Theatre Arts from Humboldt State, she brings a variety of skills to Food for People. She has served on the board for Redwood Coast Montessori for four years as Chairman and belongs to Redwood Empire Quilters Guild. In her free time, she enjoys her family, volunteering at her daughter’s school, quilting, reading, playing computer games, and teaching her children to grow food and create new food dishes. Judy can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 320.

Karen Asbury, Inventory Database Manager
gro.elpoeprofdoof@yrubsak Karen Asbury Inventory Database Manager

Karen manages our complex Inventory Database. She has a long history of working with non-profits, coming most recently from the Ink People Center for the Arts. Karen is a computer science major with an AS in Computer Information Systems (CIS) and is a Certified Networking Technician. She enjoys using her specific set of skills to benefit Food for People and our programs. Karen can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 316

Leah Russell
gro.elpoeprofdoof@llessuRL Leah Russell Front Desk Receptionist

Leah attends Humboldt State University, where she is working on her B.A. in Inclusive Community Recreation, with the goal of making recreation opportunities more available to individuals with disabilities. Growing up she lived and worked at multiple different summer camps including Girl Scout Camps, camps for adults with disabilities, and camps for children on the autism spectrum. It is through this work that she discovered her passion for recreation and providing equal inclusive recreation opportunities. Leah enjoys being part of Food for People and learning more about non-profits and food assistance. She would like to continue her work with non-profits and get more involved in advocacy work after completing her degree. For fun Leah likes to kayak, play piano, road trip, and go to comedy shows. Leah can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 301.

gro.elpoeprofdoof@dnommurdm Matt Drummond Nutrition Education Coordinator

Matt provides healthy recipes for all of Food for People’s programs, creates cooking demonstrations and food samples, and organizes cooking classes.Matt moved to Humboldt County in 2006 to study Fisheries Biology at Humboldt State University. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he surveyed rivers throughout California for trout and salmon. Shifting gears to a career in healthcare, he enthusiastically shares cooking skills, taste tests, and ideas for using fresh produce through our food distribution programs countywide. Outside of that, you can find Matt on local rivers and trails, fishing, hiking and mushroom hunting. He also spends countless hours in his garden and cooking with hunted and gathered foods. Matt can be reached at or (707) 445-5946 ext. 305.

gro.elpoeprofdoof@makededm Michelle Dedekam Warehouse Distribution Specialist

Michelle started off as a volunteer during the summer of 2017, and was later hired on as the Warehouse Distribution Specialist. In that role Michelle manages volunteers, keeps the Choice Pantry well stocked, and carefully tracks weights of incoming produce and other food. Michelle enjoys being part of all the positive outcomes Food for People provides for our community. She enjoys coordinating volunteers within the warehouse and meeting new people each and every day. What Michelle loves most about her job is learning about service work and helping to create a positive and productive work environment. You can find Michelle exploring all the beautiful nature in Humboldt, spending time with family, and loving all kinds of animals. Michelle can be reached at or (707) 445-3166.

Michael B
gro.elpoeprofdoof@sroines Michael Barnes Senior & Homebound Programs Coordinator

Michael works with a team of staff to coordinate distributions of food to the senior and differently-abled communities in Humboldt. Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Social Advocacy from Humboldt State University. Since moving here, he has been an active member of the art community. If he isn’t in the office, he can be spotted at poetry slams, concerts, Arts Alive busking with his ukulele, or blissfully cruising the Avenue of The Giants in the sunshine on his motorcycle. Michael can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 302.

gro.elpoeprofdoof@rebeesm Mike Seeber Mobile Produce Pantry Coordinator

As Mobile Produce Pantry Coordinator, Mike runs farm stand style produce distributions in rural Humboldt County communities and works with our Outreach team to connect households with CalFresh. Mike's previous background was in the recycling and reuse industry, with a passion for living a sustainable life to help ensure that a healthy Earth exists for generations to come. When not at work, Mike can be found in the gym, backpacking, bicycling, running, practicing yoga, gardening, and cooking healthy, nutritious food. Mike can be reached at or (707) 445-3166.

gro.elpoeprofdoof@ookitn Nia Tikoo Logistics Manager

Nia was inspired to become a part of Food for People after volunteering and witnessing its impact on the community. Previously, she earned a B.A in Marketing, and worked for a GIS software company, before being enthralled with the food world. After years as a Sous-Chef in San Diego, she relocated to Humboldt County with a sense of adventure. She appreciates that Food for People has provided a unique opportunity to ensure that every client shops from a plentiful pantry, and that little goes to waste. She hopes to apply her skills to foster a sustainable and compassionate food system. Her spare time is spent exploring farms, faraway countries, and furniture catalogs. Nia can be reached at or (707) 445-3166.

gro.elpoeprofdoof@arerrehp Paloma Herrera Direct Services Manager

Paloma coordinates volunteer participation at Food for People and provides support to the programs that distribute food directly to program participants, ensuring all community members have a high-quality program and volunteer experience. In her role here, Paloma enjoys helping to provide nutritious foods and resources for families and individuals so that they can feel their best. Paloma joins us by way of Los Angeles, where she worked in schools, developing emotional intelligence programming, and as a policy consultant for community-based organizations. Although a Southern California native, Paloma received her B.A. in Psychology at Sonoma State University and fell in love with Northern California. After earning her MSW at UCLA, she decided to move back up north to do more of what she loves most – hiking, camping, and being out in nature. In her free time, you can find Paloma hanging with her cat, in her garden, reading, cooking, or hiking to a river spot. Paloma can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 310.

Tim Crosby
gro.elpoeprofdoof@snoitarepo Tim Crosby Operations Manager

Tim is Food for People's Operations Manager, ensuring that all of our programs have the food orders and deliveries essential for carrying out our services--and so much more. Tim has been with us for several years prior to this, helping us to develop, shape and operate our newest program, the Mobile Produce Pantry. His eclectic background includes stints as a brewer, cabbie, roadie and credit analyst. His free time is filled with small batch coffee roasting, hearth style bread baking, organic gardening and gadget tinkering. Tim can be reached at or (707) 445-3166 ext. 304.