Food for People

The Food Bank for Humboldt County

Are you in need of food assistance during these difficult times?

Food Distributions schedule

Check out our food distributions this month.  

¿Necesita ayuda alimentaria en estos tiempos difíciles? Consulte nuestras distribuciones de alimentos cerca de usted. (En Español - Haz clic aquí)

Are you in need of food assistance during these difficult times? Check out our food distributions near you.

Please choose the distribution site closest to you.


Eureka Choice Pantry (2112 Broadway)                             Tues, Weds, Fri, 11am-3pm.  Call 407-0447 for appointments

Arcata Pantry (Arcata House Partnership Annex, 501 9th St.)                         Weds  4-6pm

McKinleyville Pantry (Temporarily moved to Church of the Joyful Healer 1944 Central Ave.)   Mon through Thursday  10am-3:30pm

Fortuna Pantry (St. Joseph's Pantry Shelf, 2292 Newburg Rd)                        Weds  10am-2pm 

Fortuna Mobile Produce Pantry (2331 Rohnerville Rd)                                   Nov 3rd 10am-12:30pm (1st Weds)

Ferndale Pantry (Community Church, 712 Main St)                                       Nov 18th 1-2:30pm (3rd Thurs)

Loleta Pantry (Community Church, 228 Church St)                                       Nov 18th 3-5pm (3rd Thurs)

Wiyot Distribution (Tribal Administrative Office Parking Lot, 1000 Wiyot Dr, Loleta) Nov 5th 11-1pm (1st Fri)


Blue Lake Pantry (Blue Lake CRC, 111 Greenwood Ave)                                               Nov 18th 10am-2pm (3rd Thurs)                              

Blue Lake Mobile Produce Pantry (Blue Lake CRC, 111 Greenwood Ave)                        Oct 28th 10am-1:30pm (4th Thurs)

Willow Creek Pantry (Community Resource Center, 38883 Hwy 299)                            Thursdays  10am-1pm

Willow Creek Mobile Produce Pantry (Community Resource Center, 38883 Hwy 299)    Nov 17th 10am- 1 pm (3rd Weds)

Hoopa Mobile Produce Pantry (Hupa Shopping Center parking lot)                               Nov 23rd 10am- 1 pm (4th Tues for November, due to Thanksgiving holiday)

Weitchpec Mobile Produce Pantry (Yurok Tribal Office)                                                 Nov 16th 10am- 1 pm (3rd Tues) 

Orleans Mobile Produce Pantry - Karuk Senior Center (459 Asip Rd)                           Nov 11th 10:30am-1:30pm (2nd Thurs)

Bridgeville Pantry (Community Center, 38717 Kneeland Rd)                                         Nov 19th 10am-4pm (Fri following 3rd Thurs)

Dinsmore Pantry (Route 36, mile marker 42.5)                                                             Nov 23rd 8:30-11am (Tues following the 3rd Thurs)


Trinidad Pantry (Lion's Club Pantry/Town Hall, 409 Trinity St)                               Nov 17th 10:30am-12:30pm (3rd Weds)

Trinidad Mobile Produce Pantry (Library Park)                                                        Nov 2nd 10am-12:30pm (1st Tues)

Orick Pantry (Elementary School, 120918 Hwy 101)                                              Nov 18th 12-2pm (3rd Thurs)

Orick Mobile Produce Pantry (Elementary School, 120918 Hwy 101)                       Nov 18th  12-2pm (3rd Thurs)

Klamath Mobile Produce Pantry (Yurok Tribal Office, 190 Klamath Rd)                  Nov 18th 3-5pm (3rd Thurs)

(Del Norte County- run by our partners at Yurok Tribal Office)


Rio Dell Pantry (Journey Church, 95 Belleview Ave)                                           Nov 18th 9am-12pm (3rd Thurs)

Rio Dell Mobile Produce Pantry (Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department)                Nov 10th 10am-1pm (2nd Weds)

Garberville Pantry (Presbyterian Church, 437 Maple Ln)                                    Tues & Thurs 10:30am-noon; Weds 2-4pm

Redway Mobile Produce Pantry (Baptist Church, 553 Redway Dr)                         Nov 9th 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM (2nd Tues)

   *Senior Programs continue in all established communities




COVID-19 precautions: 

To help prevent the spread of disease, we are taking proactive steps including:

  1. pre-packing food bags
  2. implementing drive through distributions where possible
  3. thoroughly disinfecting surfaces
  4. changing signature procedures
  5. increasing space for people to practice “social distancing” while at distributions
  6. We are urging all participants and volunteers - if feeling ill, stay home to prevent spreading illness. A proxy may be sent to pick up for those in need of food who cannot or should not leave home. Please be sure the note has the date, who the food is for, and permission for the name of person who is picking it up.