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Humboldt’s Locally Delicious Inc. named as one of 116 organizations to know nationally

Food Tank orgs to watch

Every year, Food Tank highlights organizations that contribute to creating a more sustainable global food system by protecting biodiversity, producing valuable agricultural research, fighting hunger, and much more.

This year, Food Tank is featuring 116 organizations you may not have heard about, but should look out for over the New Year. These organizations may not be well-known, but are deserving of the spotlight because of their vital contributions to creating a better food system.

Food Tank is proud to bring attention to organizations dedicated to alleviating childhood poverty, empowering women to become financially independent through food and farming, preventing postharvest losses and food waste, cultivating the next generation of agricultural leaders, implementing true cost accounting in the food system, putting farmers’ in the driver’s seat of research and development, and innovating the way food is grown in cities.

Here are 116 organizations to watch in 2016:

Locally Delicious, Inc. - Locally delicious is a Northern California nonprofit that engages in educational activities around the benefits of eating locally grown food by creating projects that support the accessibility of local food to the community. They have written two books, Locally Delicious and LunchBox Envy. All proceeds from book sales go back into the community to support their mission.

Ann Anderson, an Heirloom Tomato with Locally Delicious, says “Locally Delicious is honored to have national attention to our work here in Humboldt County that makes locally produced, healthy food available to more people.  Our Food for People Farmers Fund, raising community money for the Food for People Foodbank to purchase local, fresh produce is an example of both supporting local sustainable food production benefiting local farmers, and providing healthy food to neighbors who are hungry.  Locally Delicious also invites community groups to apply for small grants that enable both production of food and education about healthy, nutritious local food and food systems. Our work aims to improve food quality, accessibility, our local farm economy and our environment.”

FOOD TANK's 116 Organizations to watch in 2016.