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Locally Delicious announces FOOD FUND CHALLENGE


Locally Delicious announces FOOD FUND CHALLENGE Benefiting Food For People Farmers Fund for 2016

St. Joseph Health Community Benefits will match up to $5,000

Arcata, Ca.- Locally Delicious is launching their annual fund drive to hire local farmers to grow food for Food For People foodbank beginning March 1.  Locally Delicious Farmers Fund supplies local fresh produce to needy families, individuals, and seniors.  This project assures healthy eating and supports the local farm economy. 

For 2016, longtime supporter of the Farmer’s Fund St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, is issuing a Match Challenge:  during this fund drive St. Joseph Health Community Benefits will match every dollar the public donates up to $5,000! This is the perfect opportunity to double your generous gift automatically.  That means you can have double the impact and double the benefit for our community and the good health of Food For People participants!

Martha Shanahan, of St. Joseph Health Community Benefits says, “St Joseph Health is excited to once again support the Locally Delicious Farmer’s Fund!  This project is such a win-win for our community- local farmers are supported financially at a time of year when their expenses are highest, and our hungry neighbors have access to high quality and nutrient dense produce.  A well-rounded diet, high in fruits and vegetables is key to maintaining health and preventing chronic disease.  Too often, low income individuals have to settle for processed and poor quality food; the Locally Delicious Farmer’s Fund brings locally grown, high-quality, organic produce to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.  St. Joseph Health is honored to support this initiative that truly improves the health of our community!”

Locally Delicious contributed substantially each of the last seven years through funds raised from selling their two books: Locally Delicious, a cookbook; and LunchBox Envy, a book on real food for families and youth, and sponsored events promoting local food that contributes to the economy, supports equity, and the environment. Last year contributions from Locally Delicious, Coast Central Credit Union, St Joseph Health, Mclean Foundation, and the community totaled $21,000 and resulted in hiring these local farmers to grow food for distribution by Food for People:

Green Fire Farm, Luna Farm, New Moon Organics, Rain Frog Farm, Blue Blossom Farm, Laughing Mother Farm, Freedom Farm, Corn Crib, Trident Lightning, Organic Matters Ranch, Feisty Dog Orchard, Neukom Family Farm, and Flood Plain Produce.  Additionally, non-contract purchases from Fine Feather Ranch, Willow Creek Farm Rain Frog Farm Valley Flower Vegetable, Little River Farm, and Deep Seeded Community Farm supplied crops for Food For People Kid’s cooking classes and senior programs as needed throughout 2015.  

Ginger Savinski of Savinski Family Farms/Corn Crib, participated as a grower for the first time last year.  She enthused about the Farmers Fund, “I love the Locally Delicious Farmers Fund Program at Food For People!  It is easy for the farmer, and Laura Hughes at Food For People is really great to work with.  As a farmer, I am glad my produce is going to people who need and appreciate good food!”

The Locally Delicious Farmers Fund Challenge is making a great difference and providing these crops to Food For People from our Humboldt County farmers: summer squash, carrots, beets, turnips, kohlrabi, delicate squash, cucumbers, leeks, kale, chard, lettuce, broccoli, leeks, tomatoes, bell peppers, melons, cauliflower, apples, green onions, eggs, corn, cilantro, and snap peas!  The Locally Delicious Farmers Fund Challenge allows local farmers to plant early, and Food For People to reliably offer fresh healthy local produce to the over 12,000 clients Food For People feed monthly; neighbors whose income doesn’t allow for enough food during the month..

Anne Holcomb, Director of Food For People says:  "Food for People is excited to be able to partner with Locally Delicious and community supporters to be able to provide healthy, fresh, local produce to our clients for the seventh year.  So many clients are on very limited incomes and do not have the ability to pay for local produce as part of their regular diet.  This program supports local farmers with grants to plant extra specifically for the foodbank, and provides this wonderful local food to folks in need. Grant funds are provided to local family farms at the beginning of the growing season to defray seasonal start-up costs of production. In exchange, farmers agree to grow a specific crop for the food bank that season. Priority is given to smaller farmers who can use the funds to expand their level of production.The benefits of the Locally Delicious Farmers Fund extend well beyond the people we serve. Our local farmers benefit by receiving income at the beginning of the season when they need it most, stimulating the local agricultural economy. In addition, arrangements like these help support more localized food production and small, organic family farming operations that work hard to produce food for our communities. Food for People benefits as well through strengthened relationships with farmers who think of us when they have extra to donate, and they know we’ll put it to good use. The Locally Delicious Farmers Fund more broadly helps bridge the gap between food insecurity and local food sources in Humboldt County, which benefits the entire community."

The public and organizations can contribute to this effort benefitting farmers and neighbors in need of healthy food by sending donations to Locally Delicious, Inc., PO Box 309, Arcata, CA, 95518, or through the website:  Food For People also accepts donations designated for Locally Delicious Farmers Fund,

Neighbors are in need of fresh healthy food, and Locally Delicious has expanded the connection between the Humboldt community, hungry neighbors and local farmers.  Unique in California, this model of a foodbank partnering with local businesses and individual donors for a fresh local food supply for those in need is.  It fills a critical need to strengthen local farmers’ capacity and to secure adequate emergency food for low income neighbors and emergencies in Humboldt County.

For further information, contact Locally Delicious, 407-0047,