Hunger Action Month

You can make a difference

September is Hunger Action Month—a time when Food for People, the food bank for Humboldt County, joins the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks in educating our communities about hunger and identifying ways each one of us can help at the local level.

In Humboldt County, hunger is a daily experience for many people. The California Center for Rural Policy reported in their Humboldt County Community Food Assessment that more than 31% of Humboldt County adults experience food insecurity, which jumps to more than 37% in households with children, and most live on fixed incomes or survive paycheck to paycheck.

Elected representatives express how #HungerHurts the North Coast, Our District, and Our Future:

(From left to right) Congressman Jared Huffman, California State Senator Mike McGuire (with staff), and California Assembly Member Jim Wood

Humboldt County residents voice how #HungerHurts and how #HungerHeroes are taking action:

Looking for past Hunger Action Month activities?

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