Disaster Response Distributions

Current Disaster Response Food Distributions

Week of Jan 9:

  • Wednesday, January 11th, 11am-1pm (Orick Community Hall, 101 Swan Rd., Orick)

Please also check Food for People's facebook and instagram pages for ongoing up-to-date announcements.

  • We are making additional ongoing deliveries of food and water to partners throughout the county who are helping with distribution of food, water, and other resources in response to earthquake, storms, and power outages.

Alimentos de emergencia después del terremoto

Semana del 9 de enero:

  • miercoles 11 de enero, 11am-1:00pm (Orick Community Hall 101 Swan Rd., Orick)

También consulte las páginas de Facebook Instagram de Food for People para ver anuncios sobre alimentos de emergencia después del terremoto.

  • Estamos entregando alimentos y agua a organizaciones adicionales en toto el condado que están ayudando con la distribución de alimentos, agua y otros recursos después de los terremotos, tormentas y cortes de energía

Additional Resources


Recursos Adicionales

December, 2022 Earthquake

Earthquake Emergency Food Distribution in Eel River area
Early Tuesday, December 20, 2022, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Humboldt County off the coast of Ferndale causing damage to roads and homes, shaking residents from their sleep, and leaving tens of thousands without electricity. This also caused a secondary emergency leaving thousands of households without working cooking facilities, and untold food spoilage across the county in the days right before the Christmas holiday. Since the disaster struck, Food for People has been working to reach the residents most impacted, with emergency food distributions in the communities of Rio Dell, Fortuna, and in Eureka.

On January 1, 2023, a 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck in a similar location, causing even more damage and challenge for residents of the area. Our work continues alongside a host of other community partners committed to helping the community for as long as it takes.

Ongoing storms and powerful winds in the weeks since have added an array of additional challenges countywide, including fallen trees, damage to homes, flooding, and long-term power outages. Food for People continues to schedule emergency distributions in affected areas countywide and partner with local organizations providing food and water in the most efficient manner possible.