Rebuild Food for People

Food For People's New Facility Open!

Food for People's New Facility

Rebuilding after disaster.

Following the sewer disaster that occurred at Food for People’s main site, we undertook the project of rebuilding a food bank facility that will ensure every person experiencing hunger in Humboldt County can access nutritious foods, and local children, seniors, and families can connect with services that address the root causes of hunger and poverty.

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Food for People’s aging building went from useable and overcrowded to requiring evacuation due to failed infrastructure amid a sewer inundation on February 28, 2020. This disaster struck a tough blow to Food for People’s facility and operations, but we have persevered and are ready to move forward, from the figurative ashes, to build a new and improved food bank facility.

Since the pandemic, Food for People has been hard at work distributing emergency foods through the use of temporary leased spaces. However, this is not a long-term solution to the emergency response needs for the future. We currently lack a permanent facility to provide food assistance to the community.


Rebuilding our facility and adding warehouse space in an effort to  expand services.

The new facility will enable us to better support and enhance our county-wide network of 21 pantries and 18 diverse hunger relief, advocacy, and job training programs.

Expanded Services – We have build space for partners to connect people with an array of community support services that promote stability and lead to a better quality of life.

Expand Job Training - To improve employment prospects for people experiencing adversity by providing work skills in warehouse operations, front desk reception, and more.

Improve the quality of food we serve with our new expanded cold storage to prioritize healthy foods and reduce food waste.

Renovation of Facility

Large Choice Pantry where people have enough space to choose their food with greater dignity.

Added Warehouse  - Expanded cold and dry storage to accept large-scale food donations and fully meet the food needs of our programs.

Disaster Response to serve everyone during a pandemic, emergency, or natural disaster.

An innovative flexible building design will allow us to change our layout, expanding storage or service space as required to address the needs of the current crisis while looking forward.


UPDATE: To realize our goal Food for People undertook a capital campaign to raise the funds needed to open the new facility debt free. Thanks to the incredible support of our network of donors and community partners we are well on our way! We have raised more than $6.2 Million and have just $30,000 left to raise to complete the project. 

You can help create a food secure Humboldt County!


We are now asking our community to help us reach our goal.

We are accepting pledges over a 4 year period, click here for more information

Learn more about commemorative opportunities here.

Please contact our Development Director David Reed at (707) 445-3166 ext. 306 or @email


We are undertaking this project now because it is needed to ensure the health of our community.

Our community struggles with high cost of living, housing shortage, and low wages.

21% of Humboldt County’s population lives in poverty according to census data.  Food for People would need to double operations to meet this need.

Seniors are the largest growing demographic in need of food assistance.

Healthy, affordable foods are hard to access in rural areas, where there are few, if any, places that provide it.

Food for People is the designated food relief organization during a natural disaster, emergency, or pandemic for all of Humboldt County.

The pandemic  had a dramatic impact on the need for food assistance in our community.  And with the end of pandemic era assistance programs more and more people are experiencing hunger and food insecurity. Food for People needs to be there to respond and is on the front line in times of crisis.

Our new facility will have the space to be effective and efficient during community disasters and will also allow us to serve our community into the future.