School Groups

We work with dozens of schools throughout Humboldt County, providing educational opportunities to learn about hunger, healthy eating, building empathy, and giving back to the community.

Host a food drive that ties into a holiday or what you are teaching in the classroom. Some schools host food drives for the winter holidays or as a service learning activity for Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Cesar Chavez Day.

Volunteer as a class. We host field trips on site in our warehouse which can include a tour of the food bank and a group volunteer project, such as sorting fresh fruits and vegetables or building senior bags. We can provide additional activities, such as reading an age-appropriate book about hunger and helping or presenting our Hunger 101 curriculum/interactive activity (usually best for high school age).

Invite us to your school to present Hunger 101 in the classroom. Participants are asked to “take on” the life circumstances of a family in Humboldt County that may be hungry. The focus of this exercise is to help participants understand the complex economic and social circumstances that lead to and perpetuate hunger. Students do "virtual grocery shopping" and learn about community resources. This is a compassion and empathy-building activity that helps participants understand how poverty creates tough choices for people in need.