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CalFresh Replacement Benefits

Humboldt County CalFresh households that lost food due to power shutoff events are eligible for replacement benefits.

Please read carefully for the differences in due dates for each occurance:

There was an automatic mass replacement of CalFresh benefits (due to the October 8th outage ONLY!) for Humboldt County households on Wednesday night Oct 23, 2019, to be accessible by the following day (Thursday). Please keep reading to see whether you may have been part of the automatic replacement or still need to fill out paperwork to get your replacement CalFresh benefits. To play it safe, fill out the form!

  • If your CalFresh case ends with the numbers 1-9, 60% of your October benefits were supposed to have been replaced automatically and you do not need to complete a CF 303 replacement form, unless you lost more than 60% of your October allotment, in which case DHHS may be able to grant a supplement.
  • If your CalFresh case ends with a 0, no automatic replacement happened, and you must still complete the CF 303 replacement form if you are claiming a loss of CF benefits.
  • If you do not know your case number, contact Humboldt County DHHS at 1-877-410-8809, or go to 929 Koster Street in Eureka.
  • Food for People has the CF 303 replacement form at the front desk if you would like to fill one out. We can send it to DHHS for you.
  • To download this information in a handy flyer, please click here.

Please note that the CF303 replacement form from the October 8, 2019 power shutoff is due by November 8, 2019. (The deadline was extended!) Please try to give a dollar amount of the amount of benefits lost. DHHS will process the replacement within two business days of receipt of the form.



What happens when there are multiple CalFresh benefit replacements needed in one month due to multiple power shutoffs?

Because of this most recent October 26th outage, Humboldt County DHHS is expecting more requests for replacement benefits, from CalFresh households that lost perishable food again.

  • The county is NOT expecting there to be a deadline extension for this 2nd power shutoff, but if there is one, of course we will post an update.
  • CF303 replacement forms for food losses (purchased with CalFresh benefits) from the October 26th outage are due by November 22, 2019. (This deadline was recently extended.)
  • Any forms received at the DHHS Social Services office after November 6, 2019, for the October 26th outage, will be denied, so please get the form in immediately.
  • The state will NOT do another mass replacement.
  • Requests for replacement benefits for the October 8th power shutoff are still being accepted through November 8, 2019.
  • Please make sure to write the date of the outag​e on the form, so DHHS knows which one they are replacing benefits for, and how much you are requesting to have replaced.

If you are submitting a CF303 replacement form yourself, here's where to send it:

  • Submit the completed form to a Humboldt County DHHS Social Services office at either: 929 Koster Street in Eureka; 727 Cedar Street in Garberville; or 535 Airport Road in Hoopa
  • or Fax the completed form to DHHS at (707) 269-3598.
Questions about your case number? 

Contact Humboldt County DHHS at 1-877-410-8809

Need assistance filling out the form? 

Contact Food for People's outreach staff at or call (707) 445-3166 ext 308 or 318. (para español oprima 318)

More about multiple replacements in one month

Regulations do not prohinit a household from requesting and receiving multiple replacements in one month. A household may experience multiple “household misfortunes” resulting in food loss in one month. That said, counties will  review requests for a second, third, etc. replacement in one month on a case-by-case basis.

For example, a household that requested a replacement benefit as a result of the outages starting October 8 may have purchased new food before the second wave of power outages (October 26) and may have experienced food loss again. This household may be eligible for a second replacement, but the request must be made individually and assessed on a case-by-case basis by the county.

Note that there will not be an automatic replacement of benefits for the same zip code twice in a month even if the same zip codes are impacted by a second power outage. After a household receives an automatic replacement, any request for a second replacement in a month must be made on an individual basis, using the CF303 replacement form. 

As we receive information and guidance from state and county sources, we will update our website with more details.

Value of the Replacement

As usual, each replacement amount should be based on the household’s food loss as a result of the household misfortune. Each replacement cannot exceed the original amount of the household’s monthly benefit allotment (unless the issuance includes restored benefits). There is no cap on the total cumulative benefit value of multiple replacements in a month.